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10 Apps That Can Help Keep Your Mobile Phone Secure

Posted by Hermione Crone
15th March 2016

As we become ever more reliant on our smartphones, the need for greater security becomes more important. Not only do we need to protect against theft but also from viruses and hackers who attempt to steal personal information remotely.

To combat these threats, phone companies design apps to help secure smartphones and tablets. Many of them are available for free and take a short time to download. Here is a look at 10 recommended apps across a range of operating systems.

Bitdefender Mobile Security
Bitdefender offers antivirus protection for Android devices with effective malware detection capability. Other features include an anti-theft tool, app lock and individual privacy settings.

CM Security
Clean Mobile Security offers a range of security features as well as the expected antivirus protection. These include a privacy cleaner, app lock and Wi-Fi scanner to identify remote phishing scams.

Find My iPhone
This app is extremely popular due to its usefulness in locating lost iPhones. It can also play an important role in preventing theft as you can pinpoint the stolen phone on a map or remotely erase personal information from the device.

McAfee Mobile Security
A well-known PC-defender, McAfee also offers mobile protection with distinguished anti-theft and privacy protection features. The scanning feature is easy to use and can be scheduled at intervals of your choosing.

Smartphone security

Image credit: Jon Fingas via Flickr

Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus
Avast! provides impressive anti-malware software, even with its free app download, with many more features included on the premium version. A smart interface allows for an easy user experience also.

As well as basic antivirus software and protection tools, the Lookout app cleverly tracks your device via GPS technology. If stolen or lost, logging into your Lookout account will be able to pinpoint the phone’s position on a map.

mSecure Password Manager
This app is designed to safeguard all the passwords stored on your smartphone. Private logins are protected so that unrestricted access isn’t possible for thieves, whilst the app can also generate very strong passwords and remember them for you.

AVG AntiVirus
Over 100 million smartphone users have downloaded the AVG security app, most likely because it is a completely free download. Similar to other apps, there are a range of defence mechanisms to help keep your phone safe 24/7.

Trust Go Antivirus & Mobile Security
One of the highest rated phone security apps with impressive usability. Amongst the usual security features lies a Secure App Finder Engine which lets you know which apps contain malicious software before downloading.

GadgetTrak is an anti-theft app used to help recover stolen phones via several methods. As well as using advanced hybrid technology to track a lost device via GPS, there is also personal data encryption and a piercing device alarm to prevent illegal use.

Now that your mobile is secure, take a look at your computer internet security with our post Internet Security: How to Keep your Computer (and Home) Safe. Or you can find out how to use your mobile to keep an eye on your home when you’re not there.

Posted by Hermione Crone
15th March 2016