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Access Control Study – PROTEC² CLIQ

Posted by Hermione Crone
23rd October 2016

This study will look at the effectiveness of the CLIQ® Access Control System, specifically the PROTEC² CLIQ® product, when integrated into the buildings of Finnish utility company Helen Oy in 2013. The Helen Oy sites contain around 3,500 door openings where 1,250 employees and 2,600 contractors come and go on a regular basis.

Map of Finland, Helsinki


Helen Oy is one of the largest electricity suppliers in Finland. Previously known as Helsingin Energia, it provides electricity to around 400,000 customers in Helsinki, covering around 90% of the capital.  

The company was in need of an effective access control and locking system, suitable for a large, dispersed and varying workforce requiring entry into their numerous buildings 24-hours a day.

With a possible 4,000 people entering and exiting the site at any given time, the task of maintaining security of the Helen Oy buildings was of paramount importance, ensuring no interruption would come to Helsinki’s power supply.

Equipping multiple buildings with a unified locking system is not a simple task. The company comprises of 70 different site locations, from office blocks to power plants to warehouses, and includes around 3,500 entry points. The system would also require a remote administration centre for managing access rights.


The Solution

The answer came with installation of the CLIQ® Access Control system. Here’s how the mechanism operates within the Helen Oy sites in Helsinki:

  • Each entry point uses a mechanical lock that requires electronic identification to operate.
  • The system as a whole is managed remotely via web-based software.
  • Employees carry a programmable key that only correspond to the doors they’re supposed to have access to.
  • Access rights of every key are updated every 10 hours.
  • Includes a time management mechanism so particular employees can only enter sections of the building when they’re supposed to.
  • Status of keys can be managed by the company, i.e. being set to invalid, depending on the situation.  
  • Locks are battery-powered, lowering the risk of maintenance work being needed.
  • An audit trail for each staff member can be created instantly.


Security Door


The CLIQ® Access Control system has revolutionised security of the Helen Oy premises. It provides fantastic peace of mind to the company, knowing the energy supply to a large percentage of Finland’s population will be maintained and secured to the highest level.

Because access control is granted not just externally but inside the building itself, the security team can manage which employees or visitors enter certain sections of the site. The system’s Time Management element has also relieved planning pressure with its automatic programming feature.

The autonomous nature of the CLIQ® kit is another big plus, where company directors don’t necessarily need worry too much about something going wrong. For example, the ten hour renewal mechanism means that, if a key is somehow lost, the problem will be isolated and contained.

The chief security officer at Helen Oy, Mats Fagerström, was extremely complimentary about the CLIQ® system, going on to say:

If someone goes out on a Saturday night and loses the key, it is not a risk to us anymore…

When our employees arrive in the morning, they update their access rights. The audit trail for the previous day is collected at the same time.”
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Posted by Hermione Crone
23rd October 2016