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Access Control Systems

Access Control SystemsAccess control is quite literally about controlling access to your premises, or a specific area of your premises. Instead of the old lock and key method, access control secures your building electronically. With tokens, readers and buzzers instead of locks and keys; you say who has access, when they have access and where exactly they can have access to.
• Simple
• Modern
• Complete control
• Flexible security
We understand that access control does not need to be complicated. The access control systems we use are professional and are also really easy to use. We opt for systems that are user friendly; require minimal training to run and are designed to make life as easy as possible for the user.

• Restrict areas to certain groups or individuals
• Protect your building
• Save money on night-time security
With access control you can restrict specific areas of your premises to certain groups of staff or individuals. You can even give users access rights specifically for certain times of the day or night.
This gives you control over the security of your site around the clock and means you do not need to spend money on night time security. You can rest assured that your premises are protected, even outside of normal working hours.

• All doors are controlled directly from one or more PC’s
• You can instantly update user access levels at the PC
• Set up zones for areas that only certain users have access to
• Pinpoint where staff members and visitors are in the building
• Monitor staff working hours and holidays
If you like the sound of access control so far but would like to do more with your system, choosing PC based access control will give you even greater benefits. We use software which is designed to be simple and recognisable. Administrators can be fully competent and confident in using the software with less than two hours of training!

• Central control from your desk
• Instant updates
• Easy to use system
Being able to manage the system from your desk is a major benefit of using an access control system with a PC. This convenience will make your job so much easier, you can update access permissions at the click of a button. PC based access control is so easy to manage; users can be added to, or barred from, the system within seconds. The systems we use can control any site, from just one door up to hundreds of doors, with thousands of users.

• Time Frames
• Access Levels and Permissions
• Roll Call and Mustering
• Event Logging and Reports
• Intercoms and visitors
• Time and Attendance
A PC based access control system means that you can view all staff and visitor movements on site, from your computer screen. The events screen will also show you when a door is forced. This helps you improve the security of your site and shows you when and where an event occurred. This is particularly useful for sensitive sites where an intruder can pose a serious threat and extra protection is a must.

Receive a message for:
• A door being forced
• Someone trying to access a restricted area
The Access Control systems we use can be set up to send an email or a text message to alert you if a specific event has occurred. This means you can get instant knowledge of what is happening on a site, even if you are not present.

• Manage buildings from anywhere
• An easy way to extend your system
There are so many benefits to having electronic access control, you can even use it to control more than just one site. New sites can be controlled remotely from the same PC as before, meaning you can manage buildings from across the country, or even across the world. It makes expanding your premises hassle free.



Biometric technology has, for many years become the foundation point of many businesses and projects simply because of the unparalleled security it provides. But for quite some time, people have become so accustomed to their standard system that they never think of upgrading their card, fob or proximity readers.

These security appliances have, of course, their advantages; from cost effectiveness, to how easy they are to use. In addition, they can be used in conjunction with biometrics. Meaning, that if you want to upgrade to a fingerprint recognition system you do not need to replace your existing card or fob reader.

The systems we use are ievo®.
In their innovative technology, ievo® readers use a unique fingerprint scanner called multispectral imaging. This is a far superior biometric sensor than the substandard methods. In their reliability, this multispectral approach allows the ievo® readers to scan your fingerprint through levels of various substances present on the skin such as; dirt, oil, grease, cream, cosmetics and moisture.

In their unrivalled dedication to offer you the opportunity in experiencing this first hand, it is incredibly simple to either switch from your current biometric system or integrate into the ievo® products. This will effectively save you time and money in the future.

Internal and external forms of security benefit greatly from an intuitive way to reduce costs and increase practicality. Card, fob and proximity systems are initially cheap to purchase and install, plus relatively easy to train people how to use. However, in the long term are subject to hackers, theft and individuals losing them.
Replacements and potential break-ins due to stolen or lost cards are both expensive and tricky situations to be in, and possibly on a regular basis. Yet, you don’t want to burden yourself with having to replace an entire system from scratch.