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Are Cold Callers a Home Security Risk?

Posted by Hermione Crone
25th February 2016

Cold callers are a major annoyance for people across the UK. They are typically contacting against our will and are offering services we either don’t want or don’t need. However, some of these calls can have a more sinister purpose than helping you change car insurance, make an accident claim or recover mis-sold PPI. They will take up this opportunity to scam you out of money and even gain illegal access into your home.

Telephone Cold Callers
Telephone cold calling will give scammers or burglars an opportunity to pry into the home situation of the potential victim. They’ll use a sincere cover story to gain the homeowner’s trust, enquiring if they’re the sole occupant or when the property will be empty, and use this information to target vulnerable homes.

Property Cold Callers
Some criminals can have the audacity to approach your home, using a variety of excuses and aliases to gain access. These can range from simple requests to use your toilet, to claims they are from the gas board and need to check the meter. Whatever the excuse, you should always be aware of criminal activity and stay vigilant when dealing with cold callers.

Home Security Risk
To safeguard your property and avert the threat of malicious cold calling, there are numerous precautions you can apply. These include:

  • Register for free with the Telephone Preference Service. UK companies must not contact you if on this list.
  • Avoid handing out your phone number to sales companies on the high street. Select the ‘opt out’ option to prevent third party communication when online.
  • Post ‘no soliciting’ posters on your front door to inform potential criminals you won’t even entertain their pitch.
  • If a visitor is unfamiliar, use a spyhole or front door chain to confirm their identity. If anything seems suspicious to you, don’t be afraid to turn them away or even contact the police if seriously concerned.
  • Contact a professional home security company who offer a range of equipment, such as intruder alarms and CCTV cameras, to deter the threat of criminal activity.

Quite ironically, one tactic cold callers use is to claim they’re home security experts and can offer a great deal on their products and services. These type of offers are usually ‘too good to be true’, which is usually the case. Instead, apply your own safety measures and shop around for a reputable home security company rather than trusting cold callers at random.

To find out more about protecting your home, take a look at: Home Security Tips for Worried Homeowners.

Posted by Hermione Crone
25th February 2016