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Catching Bad Delivery Companies On CCTV

Posted by Lia Tappin
27th May 2015

Have you ever been given a package that looks a little worse for wear? Perhaps you haven’t received a delivery regardless of you being present in the property? In the UK we have various courier/delivery services and every so often you may come across a bad delivery person. The problem for most is proving that they’re bad, especially with little to no evidence. This is why many of us now have CCTV set up to catch these people in the act. So what do you need to do to catch out a bad deliverer?

Setting Your Camera Up

Of course you could set up some sort of webcam or other do-it-yourself systems, but we would highly suggest getting a professional to fit a high quality CCTV system. Doing it right the first time helps, it can stop you from having to spend extra money every now and then and is a long term investment. This camera can be used as general home security, not just for catching potentially bad delivery men. It can be used to keep an eye on any cars you have on your drive also, perhaps even in the same shot as your front door. With a whole CCTV system you’re able to set up various cameras around the home and keep/use recorded evidence.

Catching Them In The Act

Once you’ve set up your CCTV system you need to make sure that it is running during times of delivery. Some couriers will give you a specific time slot, which makes looking for the footage a little easier for you. Ideally you’ll need a view of them not just turning up but also delivering your package. Also bear in mind what exactly you’re catching, they need to be doing something technically wrong for your complaint to be eligible. Common behaviour of bad deliverers is throwing or dropping packages that could be fragile, causing damage to the package and not even attempting to deliver packages.

Contacting Their Head Office

Once you have your video evidence you need to make a formal complaint to the head office of that company. To make your complaint you will need to send either a written letter with a USB stick or CD with your evidence on it or an email in which you can attached video file evidence. Make sure that you only give them what they need to see, so cut down videos to only show the offending footage. You need to explain exactly what your package was, whether it was late and what the deliverer did wrong. Letting head office know will make them aware of specific drivers so that it does not happen again.


There are certain arguments over what you can legally record, but home CCTV is perfectly legal to record anyone or anything near or on your property. As long as you are not using your CCTV to spy on neighbours, you are fine. If the delivery driver causes damage to your property as well as or instead of your package then you need to take legal action against that driver. You will need to contact your local authorities and let them know exactly what is damaged with your video evidence to prove it.

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Posted by Lia Tappin
27th May 2015