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Choosing Home Security – Wired or Wireless?

Posted by Hermione Crone
14th September 2016

Because all property types are different and some buyers may have budget restrictions, there’s no sure-fire way of choosing between wired and wireless systems.

However, in recent years, wireless security systems have overtaken their wired counterparts in the popularity stakes. There are numerous reasons for this although both systems will still provide effective protection against crime if installed by a professional security company.

Here is a run through of the advantages and disadvantages of both formats to help with your purchase.


All older security equipment would have operated via wired connections from a local power supply. Although many modern homes and business owners look for a wireless alternative, wired systems still hold some advantages. These include:

  • Wired security equipment and components tend to be less expensive
  • No need for extensive battery charging
  • Avoiding the hassle of linking many security products to the same network
  • There’ll be no problem with poor connections
  • Easier to replace physical parts than wireless systems.
Wired security systems have to be connected by cables to a power supply.

Image credit: torsakarin via 123RF

You should also be aware that CCTV cameras work far better when powered by a wired connection; for the average buyer, it’s very likely this is what you’ll be purchasing.

Wireless systems use analogue signals to output images and these signals are often unreliable and fail to function consistently, especially with multiple cameras in the same vicinity.

This is because each wireless device, and not just CCTV cameras, require a unique frequency. Multiple devices can interfere with each other and bring their quality down even more.

For every other security product however, wireless systems can hold many advantages for safeguarding your home.


Perhaps the main selling point of a wireless security system is the clean installation it entails. There’s no need to run cables up walls or underneath carpets and floorboards, potentially ruining the décor in the process.

Attaching intruder alarms on the building exterior is also made much easier. Not only will the aesthetic of the property be kept intact but the installation process will be relatively quick without too much disruption to your day.


A wireless security system is very easy to install.

Image credit: gurb via 123RF

Another fantastic advantage of wireless security products is that they can be expanded at any time. Using a local area network connection, additional equipment can be simply programmed into the existing system with relative ease.

The better wireless systems on the market will provide a healthier range of communication compared to wired products. For example, if you require a garden shed linked into your IP network, it’s likely to be well within range of its sensors.

There’s also the opportunity to integrate hi-tech Smart Home technology into your wireless security equipment. With this, you can log into your home network from any location in the world via a PC or smartphone. If you’ve left the house but forgotten to activate the alarm or switch on security lights, a quick login and the problem is solved.

With improving technology, the reliability of wireless alarms and their sensors have increased considerably over previous years. For example, modern intruder alarm models can incorporate clever pet sensors that won’t inadvertently be activated by a roaming cat or dog.

Overall, although wired security equipment certainly won’t leave your property any more vulnerable to break-ins, the better investment is to be had through wireless systems. They’re far easier to install, can be linked with additional security equipment over the same network, and can also be taken with you when moving house.

If you’re looking for more ways of keeping your home secure, take a look at our green ways that your garden can add to your home security.

Posted by Hermione Crone
14th September 2016