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Clever Ways to Hide your Valuables from Intruders

Posted by Hermione Crone
17th August 2016

Suffering a break-in is one of your worst fears as a home or business owner. Someone entering your property, perhaps when you and your family are sleeping, can leave a psychological scar that is hard to recover from.

In spite of this fear, the vast majority of intruders will only enter your property with the intention of stealing valuables and nothing more.

This is why, as well as employing efficient security precautions to deter criminals, you should hide away expensive or sentimental possessions to thwart their attempts. This extra bit of protection can make all the difference during the short time an intruder is in your property.

If you’re looking for clever ways to hide your valuables, apart from the conventional underneath the mattress or inside the toilet cistern suggestions, here are a few ideas to consider.

Natural Hiding Places

There’ll be certain places in most homes that are useful for hiding goods. Think of areas that won’t arise suspicion as well as being awkward to get to. Here are a few ideas:

The refrigerator – Burglars tearing through a home probably won’t look in the fridge for expensive items, especially within products wrapped in aluminium foil.

Plant pots – Why not bury certain pieces of jewellery inside plant pots? Intruders are not likely to go sifting through soil after breaking into an unfamiliar home.

Hide your valuables in house plant pots.

Image credit: jjacek via Flickr


Inside books – You could place smaller valuables inside books, especially if there’s plenty in view on a bookshelf. This would also work with such items as CDs, vinyl records and DVDs.

In the garage – Burglars won’t tend to enter the garage when invading a home. You could use old paint pots or toolkits to stash items and hide them away out of sight.

DIY Hiding Places

It may pay off to put in a bit of extra DIY work and create your own hiding places.

False bottom drawers – Insert an additional ledge inside a desk compartment to create hidden space underneath.

Hidden walls – Hollow out piece of drywall and reattach the exterior, creating a secret space behind. This could be ultra-effective if completed behind a bookshelf or cabinet.

If your sofa has a hollow gap inside, stash your valuables there.

Image credit: blu-dog via Flickr


Hollow items – If possible, you could cut into furniture items that are hollow inside, such as a globe or the back of a sofa, and use it to stash valuables.

Air vents If your property contains an air vent, unscrew it from the wall and use the space behind to hide away items.


If you believe the threat of burglary is quite high, it may be wise to invest in a safe of some description. There are all sorts of hi-tech models to choose from, although the safe itself could be targeted by burglars suspecting something valuable is inside.

A traditional safe will make it obvious where the valuables are.

Image credit: Rob Pongsajapan via Flickr


Instead, you could invest in a cleverly disguised safe that intruders wouldn’t expect to be worth anything at all. For example, a clock face that opens up to reveal a hidden compartment behind or a tin can that includes a screw-off bottom. There’s even a safe in the guise of a regular green lettuce, surely safe from the prying hands of an intruder.

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Posted by Hermione Crone
17th August 2016