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Security System Leasing

Security System Leasing from Big Brother All Security Ltd. Pay monthly for CCTV, Intruder Alarm, Access Control and Fire Alarm systems – Easy affordable Security System Leasing.

Security System Leasing

We understand that having the finances to secure your business can sometimes be a challenge.

Here at Big Brother All Security Ltd we have the perfect solution, why not lease?

Whatever security solution you  require for your business whether it be a CCTV, Intruder Alarm, Fire Alarm or Access Control Security System.

We make leasing your security system easy and affordable.

Security system leasing could  be the solution you need to get your business secure now not later.


Why Leasing is great?

  • Keep cash flow within the business
  • Get the equipment you want when you need it
  • Enjoy fantastic tax advantages
  • Structure your lease payments to suit your needs and allowances
  • Protect your existing credit lines by using leasing as an alternative funding facility
  • Typical lease period 2 or 5 years


What is tax relief?

When leasing equipment a company is able to gain tax relief on 100% of their lease rentals against corporation tax.

How does it work and what is corporation tax?

Corporation tax is the tax applied to the company’s profit at the end of their financial year, this is generally between 21% – 24%.

For every lease rental paid the  company is able to claim 21% – 24% in tax relief against the corporation tax, so the business is able to keep the cash rather than paying it to the HMRC.


Company A makes £100,00 profit in their financial year  and has to pay corporation tax of 21%

£100,000 profit minus 21% corporation tax = £79,000 profit after tax.

The tax the company will have to pay is £21,000.

Company B also makes £100,000 profit in their financial year and has to pay corporation tax of 21%

The company also has £10,000 worth of lease rentals for the year:

£100,000 profit minus £10,000 lease rentals = £90,000.

£90,000 minus 21% corporation tax = £18,000.

So Company A pays £21,000 in tax and Company B pays £18,900. Company B has saved £2,100 in tax.


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