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Don’t Let Christmas Be Cancelled This Year

Posted by Hermione Crone
12th October 2016

Although Christmas should be a time for festive cheer and family fun, it’s unfortunately also a time when thieves plan raids on homes across the country. Although burglaries in the UK are falling as a whole, attacks around the Xmas period still remain high.

Criminals are mindful that expensive presents are purchased in excess and left exposed around the house. They also know that homes are likely to be vacant this time of year, usually because we’re down the pub with friends, completing some last minute shopping or even away on a winter holiday.

Of course, suffering a break-in won’t just have financial consequences but also leave a psychological scar that is hard to recover from. This is especially the case if children are involved and the gifts they’ve been looking forward to have been stolen.


Don't let your Christmas be cancelled because of poor security.

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The holiday season will be upon us sooner than you think so it makes sense to prepare for the possibility of a break-in. There are various ways to strengthen your home security so Christmas isn’t ruined by a disheartening robbery.

Extra Caution

To ensure your Christmas isn’t cancelled this year, stay extra vigilant around the festive period and incorporate efficient security measures onto your property. If you do go out for long periods, remember to lock up securely and leave lights on to create the impression someone is home.

A significant number of burglaries actually take place by forcing through a door – make sure frames are robust and invest in double locks for added protection. Intruders will also be on the lookout for open windows, even those upstairs, so remember to shut them all before going out.


Many burglars will force open a door.

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Conservatories are often seen as an easy target by thieves. It is recommended to use laminated safety glass, high security locks and force resistant hinges to thwart break-ins. Advertising expensive presents inside the conservatory, or any ground floor windows for that matter, is another trap to avoid.

Professional Security

For added peace of mind, you should use the services of a professional security firm for maximum protection. By installing products such as CCTV cameras and intruder alarms, you’re investing in a proven deterrent against crime.

There’s also outdoor motion security lighting, a great way to put intruders off if they come near the property. Likewise, automatic timer-switches will come on every evening to create the impression someone is home, a fantastic benefit if you’re away over the Christmas period.


Outdoor motion detector lighting can help to keep your home safe.

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When searching for a professional security firm online, look for companies accredited with SafeContractor and the NSI. This means they regularly pass safety checks that guarantee their competence as both a reliable supplier and installer of security equipment.

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year – don’t let it be ruined by opportunistic criminals. Make sure your home security is as tight as possible and utilise the services of a professional security firm for added peace of mind.

For extra advice on securing your home this winter, check out our tips for making sure your windows and doors are secure.
If you’re ready to invest in an alarm or CCTV cameras, please get in touch to find out how we can help.

Posted by Hermione Crone
12th October 2016