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Green Ways Your Garden Can Help Your Home Security

Posted by Hermione Crone
27th July 2016

Homeowners who want to boost their home security can do so whilst remaining economically friendly, especially when it comes to the garden. Intruders often use the back garden to gain access into a property or to simply steal valuable items from outside. It shouldn’t be neglected when safeguarding your property and there are plenty of ways to do so without harming the environment.


Growing a particular species of plant can act as a deterrent to burglars by blocking their entry into the garden. If grown in substantial numbers, certain plants or shrubs will be difficult to penetrate and can also restrict their view of the house, making it tricky to plan a burglary or spot a valuable item.

Golden Bamboo isn't suitable for all gardens but can create a screen to deter burglars.

Golden Bamboo. Image credit: gururugu via 123RF

Some of the most effective plants will have thorny, prickly and even stinging qualities to hinder an intruder’s access via the garden. In 2012, the Metropolitan Police produced a report that details some of the vegetation that can boost garden security. They include:

  • Holly – Holly has strong, spiny leaves which over time produces a tricky barrier to bypass. Grown deep, it should help deter criminals.
  • Stinging nettle – An obvious ploy is to use a common stinging nettle around the perimeter of the garden to thwart intruders.
  • Creeping juniper – This is a low-growing shrubbery with a thorny stem and foliage that should be grown extensively.
  • Mountain pine – Mountain pine is a conifer that comprises of sharp needles and pine cones that grow densely.
  • Golden bamboo – Although not suitable for most domestic gardens, the golden bamboo grows high and provides a very sturdy barrier when grown close together.

However, the Met also advise not to grow these plants or shrubs too tall as they can actually help conceal an intruder, especially when dark.

Energy Saving Security

One of the most effective ways to scare off an intruder is by installing security lights with built-in motion sensors. When positioned near an entrance point, they’ll detect movement or body heat and switch on automatically without wasting unnecessary energy.

LED security lights with motion sensors protect your home while saving you money and being kind to the environment.

Image credit: jarin13 via 123RF

For a greener approach, energy saving LED lights should be purchased to both save electricity and money. There’s also solar-powered lights that accumulate sunlight during the day and then use it to generate electricity at night.

Some high-quality CCTV cameras incorporate a motion detecting facility that only starts recording once movement is detected. Positioned in the garden near to your security lighting, this will act as a great deterrent against burglary as well as being environmentally friendly.

Further Advice

It’s a common mistake to leave garden furniture, tools and toys in the garden overnight in the belief they’ll be safe from theft. Police statistics show that burglars will take anything of value if it’s not locked down.

Stinging nettles are an obivous green choice to deter burglars.

Image credit: safakoguz via 123RF

Likewise, make sure that you put away garden tools and other items, notably ladders, that can be used to break into the property. Also consider the valuables in your garden shed, which itself should be locked securely overnight.

For more ideas on protecting your home, check out these 7 Tips for Better Outdoor Security.

Posted by Hermione Crone
27th July 2016