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Door Entry System Installation Deals

Door Entry System Installation

A Door Entry System Installation can be used in residential and commercial properties allowing occupants to identify visitors before allowing access to the premise without having to do to the entrance point. This provides a hugely secure environment and eliminates the possibility of forced entry once the entrance door has been opened.

A Door Entry System Installation can have a single entrance panel which can be linked to multiple internal handsets which in turn are linked to remotely grant access through doors, gates and car park barriers.

Various technology options can be used in the equipment on a Door Entry System Installation.  We use the latest Technology and Systems from companies such as BPT, Urmet and Paxton.

Audio Door Entry System Installation

An Audio Door Entry System will allow the user to communicate with the visitor before letting them in. The door can then be opened either by going to the door directly, or remotely using an automatic release mechanism.

Video Door Entry System Installation

A Video Door Entry System will provide the same functionality as a Audio Door Entry System, whilst providing extra security by showing live video footage of the visitor at the door.

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