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Intruder Alarm Bell Box Upgrade

Upgrade your existing Intruder Alarm Bell Box from only £89.

Your Intruder Alarm Bell Box will be upgraded using the latest backlit Pyronix Deltabell unit providing you with not just an audible deterrent, but a visual one as well.

It doesn’t matter if your system isn’t a Pyronix system, your Intruder Alarm Bell Box can still be upgraded.

Intruder Alarm Bell Boxes don’t have to fade into the background, they should be there to act as an added security measure, warning all burglars that your property is fully protected.

With many older Intruder Alarm Bell Box units, at night, they are practically invisible apart from the occasional blinking light. This won’t deter a burglar on a mission because they simply won’t spot it. Our Bell Box unit aim to prevent burglars before they even attempt a burglary.

So can you afford not to be fully protected?

Get in touch today on 020 8617 3440 or via our Contact Us page to see what we can do for your Intruder Alarm Bell Box and help give your property some added security.

Intruder Alarm Bell Box Upgrade