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Wireless Intruder Alarm Installation Deals

Our Wireless Intruder Alarm Installation Deals are suitable for both Residential and Commercial Properties providing the latest wireless technology to keep your premises safe and secure.

Traditionally, the alarm system components were connected by wires. So unless you specified the alarm at first fix stage of a new build project, you had to accept a maze of wires on the inside.

If you don’t want to lift carpets, prise off skirting boards or see rows of wire clips up the wall, checking out the systems available with our Wireless Intruder Alarm Installation deals is the best solution.

All of our Wireless Intruder Alarm Installation deals comply with the ACPO Policy, BS8243:2010 & European Standard BS EN 50131 / PD6662 requirements and are NSI certified.

Depending on your requirements, our Wireless Intruder Alarm Installation Deals can include 24/7 monitoring with Police Response. Maintenance Packages are also included.

Our Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems are configured to provide security when buildings are occupied or empty by detecting unwanted intrusion within or at the boundaries of the protected areas.

So why not, secure your property today and choose one of our great Wireless Intruder Alarm Installation Deals.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for or need to add additional sensors or devices to your Intruder Alarm system, don’t worry. We provide flexible offers for different situations.

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