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How to Keep Your Home Safe While You Go Travelling

Posted by Hermione Crone
1st March 2016

Leaving an empty property whilst you set off on holiday poses an obvious security risk. Crime statistics show that half of all burglaries occur when a home is unoccupied, leaving criminals with a free rein to break in without detection. Furthermore, the constant worry of criminal activity back at home can ruin your time away.

Applying the adequate safety precautions will reduce these fears and leave your property protected. Here are a few ways to enhance home security whilst travelling.

Make sure your home is safe while you're travelling

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Security Equipment
Investing in professional, high-quality security equipment is the most effective way to avert intruders breaking into your home. Installing modern alarm systems and CCTV cameras will both help deter crime as well as catch anyone who attempts a robbery.

Entry Points
It may go without saying but leaving doors and windows either unlocked or unprotected from a forced entry is asking for trouble. Strengthen outside doors with extra hinges, double locks and chains, ensuring any side gates are securely locked also. Opportunist intruders look for any feasible opening so ensure even top floor windows are shut tightly and locked if possible.

Inform the Right People
As well as informing family and friends about your holiday, also notify neighbours that you’re leaving the property for a certain amount of time. Ask them to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, reporting it to the police if necessary. If you have pets, then having someone regularly feed them can also showcase the appearance of an occupied property.

Tell your neighbour if you're going away

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Hide Expensive Items
Intruders will be looking for any item of expensive value inside the property. Conceal valuable appliances away from sight, or better still, locked away in an attic or a safe. Another notable item that burglars target are car keys – hide these away from the typical resting places and also out of reach of the letterbox.

If burglars believe the property is occupied they are less likely to chance their arm at a break in. The traditional method for creating this façade was to leave a light or radio on. Nowadays, sophisticated home automation security equipment can be used to switch on lights and appliances at set times even when you’re not home.

Remote Viewing
Similarly, modernised remote viewing equipment can be used to inspect a property even when you’re abroad. This highly impressive kit allows you to ‘communicate’ and view images of your home from a remote location via a computer or smartphone. You can view live recorded images as well as search through archived footage if required.

If you’d like to know more about protecting your home whilst on holiday, take a look at our Summer Holiday Security Checklist and find out how we can help to keep your home secure.

Posted by Hermione Crone
1st March 2016