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How To Protect Your PIN

Posted by Lia Tappin
11th June 2015

How safe is your pin number? Some might think that they keep their pin number tightly under wraps, when in actual fact there are several other people who may know it. Keeping your bank pin safe is important, you don’t want anyone to be able to get into your bank account, right? So below are the common ways in which you receive and use your pin and what to do in those situations. We’ll also touch on what not to do when you receive your pin. If you’re a shop owner then you may want to consider higher levels of commercial security for your business, such as CCTV.

Getting Your Pin In The Post

When you get yourself a brand new bank card you’ll also receive a letter containing your pin number. Usually this pin is on special paper that only allows for it to be seen for a few minutes before disappearing, for security purposes. When you receive your pin the first thing you need to do it write it down, but you should always keep the pin number away from any bank letters or even your bank card. Once you’ve got the number you’ll need to shred the paper; all of it. As for the pin, you can keep it safe by saving it in your phone as a note. Keep it even more safe by using a pin or pattern to lock your mobile phone.

Getting Your Pin Via Phone Call

If you are forgetful, and you forget your pin number, some banks will actually allow you to receive your pin via a phone call. You have to prove exactly who you are and answer a handful of questions, but at the end of it a robotic voice will let you know your pin. Make sure that you do not have your phone on loud speaker during this phone call and also make sure that people around you cannot hear the call. Also be sure to have a pen and paper ready for when they give you your pin. Once you’ve got it you must keep it safe, do not label your note as “pin number” or “bank”, simply write down the number.

Using Your Pin When At A Cash Point

When going to use a cash point always make sure that nobody is standing behind you. If you feel someone is too close to you then simply politely tell them to move back. Also be sure that the machine has not been tampered with in any way. We would suggest only using cash machines inside of banks themselves as the machines on the outside are less closely monitored. Should you, however, find yourself using an outside machine then just make sure that the machine looks normal and hasn’t got anything on it that you do not recognise.

Using Your Pin When Paying In Shops

You can now use contactless payments in many shops, which has made it harder for anyone to steal your pin. It does however mean that anyone can pay for items up to £20 in any shop without even needing your pin. So when paying in a shop, if you have contactless, be sure that you’re not being watched and keep your wallet well away from arms reach. If you’re not using contactless then just make sure that, again, you keep your pin shielded from any customers or staff members. Also put your card away before you pick up your shopping so that nobody can easy steal your card.

What Not To Do

There are many tips that we can give you, the first of which is to never keep your pin written down on paper if you can help it. Even if it is nowhere near your bank card, anyone who enters your home could safely assume that the 4 digits are for a bank account. Also do not give your pin number out to friends or family unless you 100% need to, you might think that they will forget the pin but they may not and could take advantage of that.

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Posted by Lia Tappin
11th June 2015