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How Your Security System Can Save Your Home and Family from Fire

Posted by BBASSecureU
12th April 2017

Smartphone and apps

Smart technology apps are being used in conjunction with smoke alarms so homeowners can react quicker to the presence of fire, even when absent from the property.

This was evident in a recent case where a smart security camera, equipped with an acoustic sensor, was able to pick up the sound of a fire alarm. Once the siren was recognised, a smartphone notification was sent to the owner who contacted the fire services immediately.

The blaze was extinguished before it could spread, saving the property from ruin as well as the family dogs trapped inside.   

Fire Alarm Protection

Despite the added security provided by a fire safety app, they still wouldn’t be effective without a functioning smoke alarm in place.

No matter the type of building, an alarm system should be in place to warn occupants if a fire breaks out. Not only could this prevent the property and valuable possessions from being destroyed, it will most importantly save lives.  

For domestic property owners, installing fire alarms manually is only recommended if they’re sourced from a reputable manufacturer. However, for commercial or industrial buildings, it’s suggested you seek a professional security firm with experience of planning and installing fire alarm systems.

Their qualified surveyors will be able to perform a thorough risk assessment of the property, advising where the alarms are best positioned for maximum effectiveness. Installations will be fitted to the required safety standards and guaranteed to work when you need them most.

smoke detector
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Fire Safety Apps

As smart technology becomes more accessible to the average buyer, homeowners are choosing to augment their fire alarm systems with specialised safety apps. This provides fantastic peace of mind when away from the property.

With these apps containing a variety of features, there are numerous ways they’ll alert you to a hazardous blaze. For example, remote viewing technology transmits live CCTV feeds to a PC or smartphone. Any obvious warning signs will be spotted and dealt with appropriately.  

There are also home appliance smart apps. They allow you to monitor and control such products as the oven, kettle, lighting and thermostat. If something has been left on, the device will alert you before something ignites.  

As noted previously, intelligent audio detection devices are extremely beneficial for uncovering a fire. Their smart sensors are programmed to detect anomalies in the regular sound environment, such as smashing glass or a fire alarm, sending an instant notification to the property owner.

kitchen appliances

Smart Fire Alarm

Smart home technology has spread to standard smoke alarms as well. There are plenty on the market to choose from, all with various features depending on your personal requirements and budget.

Essentially, they are designed to send an alert to your chosen device if smoke is detected. This is an invaluable tool, especially if you spend lots of time away from the property or are worried you’ll sleep through a fire at night.

If you’d like to talk to someone about installing a security and fire alarm system, contact us today.

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Posted by BBASSecureU
12th April 2017