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Keeping Your House Safe This Halloween

Posted by Hermione Crone
22nd October 2015

Halloween is a time of year packed with trick or treaters, fancy costumes and house parties. However, generally being aimed at the kids’ market, the tradition can pose certain safety risks for parents to worry about.

One notable example occurred when the daughter of TV Presenter Claudia Winkleman was seriously burned in a fire at a Halloween party. Her inadequately manufactured dress caught some open flames and was set alight in just seconds.

With this in mind, we thought it was best to list some safety measures to consider when preparing for the Halloween period.

Preparing the Home

Halloween parties often include jack o’ lanterns or open-flame candles to create the desired scary atmosphere. This is perhaps the biggest concern for you to be vary of, mainly as polystyrene costumes and decorations can quickly catch fire. Battery-powered lights can be used as an alternative if concerned about this.

As noted previously, some of the less expensive Halloween costumes can catch fire within seconds, leaving you no time to extinguish the flames. Despite tighter safety regulations being implemented, you should ensure that children’s costumes and accessories adhere to the new standards before buying.

Another aspect to consider is the effect that packed households, bright lights and loud noises can have on your pets. Some people set off fireworks around the Halloween period also, this can scare cats and dogs which is not ideal, especially around smaller children.

Trick or Treaters

If you plan to embrace the stream of trick or treaters at your front door on Halloween then a bit of safety prep is recommended beforehand. For example, make sure that your front driveway and porch are clearly lit – October 31st will be a dark night so walkways and tripping hazards should be kept visible at all times.

Lock away garden implements left on the lawn, especially sharp tools which could cause injury to visitors. Likewise, gather up any hoses and garden toys which can cause accidents.  

If hosting for Halloween, take extra care if children are present. As well as the imperative fire precautions, clear hallways and put breakable items aside. Make sure that decorations are placed in safe positions so do not pose any danger to excitable kids.

Home Security Measures

It isn’t a nice thought but statistics show us that burglaries and malicious damage reports rise over the Halloween period. With this in mind, it is perhaps best to be over precautionary when strangers enter your property. Be wary of who is approaching your door, checking their credentials as genuine trick or treaters.

Make sure that any valuable garden furniture items are kept indoors, whilst locking your car in the garage is also recommended if possible. Make sure any security alarm systems are in full working use as a final step, even long after the last stream of visitors have left.

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Feature image credit: Professor Bop via Flickr.

Posted by Hermione Crone
22nd October 2015