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Need a Bit of Extra Physical Privacy When Online? There’s an App for That.

Posted by Hermione Crone
28th September 2016

For those delicate browsing moments when a touch of additional privacy is needed, a new app created by The Useless Duck Company has been designed to work in conjunction with your software privacy tools and regular door lock.

The ingenious Incognito Lock App will automatically lock your door when a new incognito window is opened up in Google Chrome, thus guaranteeing no-one will barge in unexpectedly at a ‘vulnerable’ time. When the window is closed, the latch will automatically unlock and all is back to normal.

So if you’re visiting websites you shouldn’t be, or genuinely just want to hide a secret purchase from your partner, the Incognito Lock App has your back. The CEO of the Useless Duck Company has even made a video showcasing how the technology works which can be found here.


There's now an app that will lock your door when you want more privacy when surfing the web.

Image credit: audioundwerbung via 123RF


Smartphone Security

There are various other smartphone apps that will boost the security of your phone, primarily by installing antivirus and anti-malware software. Password encryption tools and junk file cleaners will also ensure your phone stays as secure as possible.

Other security apps include anti-theft tools that will locate your phone via GPS if lost or stolen. Another nifty feature allows you to wipe or lock the phone remotely to protect personal information.

Home Security Apps

Mobile apps have revolutionised home security, effectively allowing you to access and control security equipment from any location in the world. This means that you can arm or disarm the system at will, providing great peace of mind when away from home.

You can view live feeds of CCTV cameras, great for checking in on a babysitter or elderly relative, and set the house alarm whilst on the way to work. Light switches can also be turned on remotely to create the appearance someone is home.

Not only that, but with Smart Home technology, all of your security products are linked in the same network and communicate with each other via a wireless signal. This also negates the complication and hassle of laying metres of cables throughout the property.


There are a number of Apps that can add to your home security.

Image credit: prykhodov via 123RF

From an easily navigable home page, each security component can be managed and controlled individually. Any updates to the system will be downloaded automatically and it can be easily incorporated into a new property if you move house.

If a security breach has been made, the Smart Home app will let you know something is wrong and pinpoint you to which individual sensor has been triggered. If something suspicious can be seen on the live CCTV feed or an alarm activation can’t be verified, the emergency services can be contacted immediately.

It is recommended you use the services of a professional security company to advise on the best Smart Home technology system for your building. When installed, you’ll have complete control over your home security from any location in the world at the touch of a button.

For information on staying safe while online, take a look at how to protect yourself from cyber crime when using social media.
If you’re interested in getting a Smart Home technology system for your home or office, get in touch today.

Posted by Hermione Crone
28th September 2016