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New Smart Security Technology Can Recognise Your Friends

Posted by Hermione Crone
22nd November 2016

Facial recognition software is being enhanced to recognise familiar faces within the vicinity of your property. Any unwanted visitors will alert the system, sending a live stream of the camera feed to your chosen device so you can act accordingly.

The technology works by building an algorithm from individual facial characteristics, storing each entry so to distinguish friend from foe. The camera will be connected into your current Wi-Fi network so you can control the system with a computer, tablet or smartphone.

BuddyGuard Flare

A German technology company, BuddyGuard, have launched Flare – an artificially intelligent security system with advanced facial recognition features.

The BuddyGuard Flare. Image via Gadget Flow.

It uses a 130-degree camera to monitor the property, identifying the facial patterns of all who enter its view. You can program the system to store occupants and regular visitors so you aren’t bombarded with alerts constantly.

If you employ a cleaner or pet-sitter, they can be coded into the system easily enough. In case this isn’t possible before they arrive at your property, they’ll need to say a specific security word whilst staring at the camera to prove their credibility.

As another bonus, Flare’s audio recognition can differentiate between ‘safe’ sounds, such as a hoover or television, and ‘suspicious’ noises like smashing glass or lock tampering. The technology is more receptive to sound overnight or when the property is empty, replicating the times when most break-ins occur.

For those worried over privacy, the Flare app will cover the lens when a friendly face is recognised. The camera can also recognise the presence of a pet as opposed to a human.

On the occasions Flare can’t confirm a visitor or an irregular sound is made, the police can be contacted immediately if you spot suspicious activity via the HD stream sent to your device.

Of course, the traditional use of the camera – to record visual and audio data – will still be in operation and can be used as evidence in court.

Netatmo Welcome

Also prominent on the market is the Netatmo Welcome facial recognition system, similar to the Flare device but with biometric capabilities.

Netatmo Welcome. Image via Trusted Reviews.

Anyone who the camera doesn’t recognise won’t be granted access into the property, up to a maximum of 16 people. An alarm will still be raised if someone does break-in and is picked up by the internal camera. However, the Netatmo Welcome doesn’t include sound recognition capability.

As well as the security benefits, the app can confirm if the cleaner has turned up or when children have arrived home from school. You’re also allowed to set a notification curfew so that the device will alert you if visitors haven’t arrived by a certain time.

If you’re thinking of integrating high-tech facial recognition into your property, using a system that distinguishes between friendly and unknown faces will reduce false alarms and provide fantastic peace of mind.

Being able to confirm a possible breach by viewing real-time footage is another outstanding benefit and something worth considering to enhance your overall home security package.

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Featured image via Franck Boston/Shutterstock

Posted by Hermione Crone
22nd November 2016