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Pyronix HomeControl+

Posted by BBASSecureU
19th April 2017
There are a number of Apps that can add to your home security.

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The Pyronix HomeControl+ system is at the forefront of home and business security. It allows you to access and regulate your security products via the HomeControl+ App, essentially meaning you can stay in control of your property from any location in the world.

Big Brother All Security, one of the leading security suppliers in London, will install the Pyronix package to the required British safety standards. They’re happy working on both residential and commercial premises having completed numerous jobs over the past 10 years.

If interested, they will send an experienced engineer out to your property to run through how the Pyronix system and smartphone App operate. To get in touch with one of their sales team, you can reach them on 020 8617 3440 or visit the Big Brother website here.

Pyronix System

The Pyronix HomeControl+ combines the renowned Enforcer two-way intruder alarm with PyronixCloud technology that grants remote access. This means you can control the system from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and the required App.   

The device is fully wireless, meaning the installation process is both quick and hassle-free. For business owners in particular, the system adds a highly professional touch to your company site whilst also acting as a fantastic deterrent against crime.  

The PyronixCloud permits you to add or remove systems into the HomeControl+ system and manage subscription plans of multiple accounts via the admin interface. You can also insert or remove the App if and when needed. All of this can be done online at pyronixcloud.com by simply registering your Enforcer HomeControl+ panel.

Installation of the HomeControl+ App kit by Big Brother All Security includes the following features:

  • Fully installed Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Alarm System
  • Grade 2, insurance approved
  • x1 Control Panel/LCD Display Keypad
  • x2 Wireless Alarm PIR Sensors – Optional Pet Tolerant version at no added cost
  • x1 Wireless Alarm Door Contact
  • x1 Wireless External Alarm Bellbox
  • x2 Alarm Remote Controls with panic button
  • Alternative options: GPRS or IP LAN Module used for communication (SIM card to be supplied with GPRS option | Existing router required for IP LAN option)
  • Keyholder Text Alert
  • Part Arm Function
  • Remote Arm/Disarm Function
  • 12 month product and installation warranty
  • NSI Certificate.

How the HomeControl+ App Works

The HomeControl+ App is operational on iOS and Android devices. Once installed, there are numerous menus to access your security devices.

The ‘My Security Systems’ option provides access into which security system in particular you want to manage – be it your residential address, business premises or holiday home.  

The ‘Areas’ screen will allow you to designate different parts of your property into zones and control them separately.

The ‘Controls’ feature gives you the power to switch on or off individual appliances at the touch of a button.  

The ‘Sensors’ screen provides you with a clear layout of the whole system, allowing you to quickly identify which sensor has been triggered if a breach is made.

The ‘Push’ notifications feature means you can choose to be alerted when someone enters the property legally or if batteries need replacing.

The ‘History Log’ tab will bring up a comprehensive record of all your systems if needed.

HomeControl+ Sensors

The system is equipped with numerous sensors that provide fully comprehensive protection over a number of possible security issues.

There are six types of motion detector that can be used on different areas of a property, such as an exterior garage or long corridor. In addition, a pet sensor can also be included if required – this will ignore the motion caused by small animals.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors play a crucial role in keeping you and your family safe. They are linked directly with your HomeControl+ App, meaning you’ll be alerted immediately if dangerous levels are detected.

Water leak sensors do exactly that, integrating straight into your Pyronix system and can even provide advance warnings of a leaking appliance or the possibility of flooding.  

Combined shock and magnetic effectively provide two sensors in one, whilst compact door and window contacts also offer efficient security without ruining the aesthetic of your property.

Big Brother All Security

Big Brother All Security is an NSI and SafeContractor registered company, guaranteeing you a professional installation by experienced engineers. Although based in London, they’re more than happy to visit properties all over the Home Counties as well.

For more information on the Pyronix Enforcer Package, visit their website or get in touch via the Big Brother contact page.

Posted by BBASSecureU
19th April 2017