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Security Advice for Airbnb Hosts

Posted by BBASSecureU
5th April 2017

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Airbnb is an online platform allowing members to rent out their property as short-term accommodation. It is used by holidaymakers all over the world, with the property type, reviews and price dictating how successful a listing will be.

However, Airbnb merely acts as a broker between the two parties and cannot be deemed responsible for the security of the property itself. As a host, this is your responsibility and requires serious deliberation before strangers are welcomed in.

Not only that, but the building may sit vacant for long periods and thus become an easier target for criminals. This is why a detailed security plan must be in place to both deter break-ins and alert you instantly if a situation does arise.

Initial Considerations

Airbnb has a very good screening process in place before guests can register on the website. They also offer property protection of up to £600,000, although it’s best to review their policy so you know what is covered.

This is because personal items – including cash, credit cards and other valuables – aren’t protected under the guarantee. There’s also no personal liability protection, meaning if a guest suffers an accident, you could be held responsible.

It’s thus recommended to take out the necessary homeowners or renters insurance and make checks of the expected guest’s Airbnb profile/reviews. Make personal contact with them for further clarity.

Security Equipment

As noted, your property may spend long periods sitting vacant during the off-peak holiday season. For international Airbnb hosts in particular, this can be a major cause for concern.

To counter this, CCTV cameras act as a proven deterrent when positioned in prime locations. Big Brother’s anti-vandal cameras are robust and suitable for most environments, meaning they can’t be tampered with or disabled.

Likewise, burglar alarms are designed to be seen by potential intruders. With a backlit bell-box upgrade, you’ll now have a highly effective visual deterrent as well as an audio one.

Motion-detection lighting is another security feature to consider, giving the impression someone is home when activated. They won’t send your energy bills into orbit, either.

CCTV Camera On home

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Monitoring Services

Both your Airbnb CCTV and intruder alarms can be equipped with off-site monitoring services. This means a police-compliant Alarm Receiving Centre will supervise your system 24-hours a day. If a sensor is activated but can’t be verified, the emergency services will be contacted immediately.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing provides fantastic peace of mind for Airbnb hosts. Compatible with your CCTV, you can view live camera feeds via a computer or smartphone from any location in the world. Big Brother also offers Access Control/Time Attendance systems, suitable for commercial lets.


Smart Security

Higher-end security comes with smart home products. You can disable alarms at will – for when the property is due to be occupied, for example – and even provide smartphone access instead of physical keys. It’s recommended to use a professional security company to ensure no mistakes are made with the installation process.

Airbnb hosts should take appropriate steps to vet the quality of guests and take out the additional insurance for further protection. Remove anything of value from the property if it doesn’t need to be there.

Security equipment such as CCTV and burglar alarms are a relatively inexpensive investment that provide long-term security, even during long periods of absence. Big Brother All Security provides everything you need, with equipment available at competitive prices.  

If you’d like to talk to us about what systems would be suitable for your property, get in touch.

Once you have your security system in place, you should be aware of how to protect it from hackers.


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Posted by BBASSecureU
5th April 2017