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Walk Through Metal Detector Installation

Walk Through Metal Detector

Professional Detection Equipment

Walk Through Metal Detectors are normally associated with the security searches we encounter at airports, government buildings and high security areas.

At Big Brother All Security, we believe in today’s world there has never been more of a need for this product and products alike. We put safety first and feel that Walk Through Metal Detector Installations should be more common in Schools, Courthouses, Prisons, Hospitals, Football Stadiums, Concert Venues, Bars and frankly any place were the public may be at any risk.

Our Walk Through Detector Systems can help to minimise a potential threat to the public. We can provide a full professional Security Installation, training and handover to all of our clients.

Combined with our High Definition CCTV, equipped with functions such as motion detection and facial recognition, we can give our clients the peace of mind that the risk of a security breach is minimal.

Our security solutions will assist the authorities with enquires and prevent harm to the public or damage to property.


Risk Assessments
Our fully qualified surveyors will carry out a thorough Risk Assessment making sure you have the right Walk Through Detector installed for you.

Our fully trained NSI approved Installation Engineers will install your Walk Through Metal Detector .

We will maintain your Walk Through Metal Detectors to ensure that you have years of reliable service and minimise the risk to the public and employees. We advise all of our clients to have their Walk Through Metal Detectors Serviced and Maintained as a standard.

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