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CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

Protecting People, Property and Providing Peace of Mind

Big Brother All Security Ltd is at the forefront of CCTV Monitoring, protecting people, premises; assets. Teaming with RVR who hold BS8418 for monitoring of the detector activated CCTV systems ensures a professional and approved approach to resolving CCTV Monitoring solutions.

CCTV Monitoring allows your site to be monitored off site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via an Alarm Receiving Centre.
A team of dedicated; highly trained, licensed operators are on hand to respond to detector activated alarms, around the clock.

Sequence of events in a typical burglary incident:

  1. Intruder enters site.
  2. Passive infrared (PIR) detector is activated as intruder passes.
  3. Detector triggers an alarm to be sent to control room with a real time video stream of related camera footage.
  4. Operator opens alarm and reviews footage.
  5. If a threat is detected an immediate live audio warning is issued, this will usually result in the intruder leaving site.
  6. CCTV Monitoring operative tracks intruder and calls for response from the police

ARC CCTV Monitoring


All staff are fully qualified and trained to deal with CCTV Monitoring and any incidents which may occur on your site once an alarm has been received. Images presented by the CCTV system are utilised, audio system are interacted with remotely issues can be
escalated to the Police or other authorities. This ensures the most appropriate level of support for your CCTV Monitoring only involving staff, guard patrols or key holders, where absolutely necessary.

All CCTV Monitoring plans are created to reflect each site’s unique circumstances and are developed to combat known issues, with the opportunity to develop further CCTV Monitoring response plans to adapt to evolving business needs.

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Benefits of CCTV Monitoring

  • Added protection for people and property
  • Visual verification of what is happening at site
  • Visual deterrent on site for staff and intruders
  • Works in conjunction with a monitored intruder system for maximum protection
  • Footage can be used as evidence in legal proceedings
  • Potential to reduce staff costs on site as ARC is available 24/7
  • Additional peace of mind for property and business owners