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Summer Holiday Security Checklist

Posted by Lia Tappin
26th April 2015

It’s finally spring and the sun is just starting to come out, so now would be the perfect opportunity to think about home security in the summer. Summer is the busiest time for burglars as many of us go away on holiday or are outside enjoying the sunshine. The days are also longer, giving criminals just enough light to be able to steal your property without needing a torch. The last thing you want is to come back from a holiday or a day at the beach to find that your home has been broken into, so below are a few tips on how to keep your home safe in summer.

Don’t Open Windows Too Wide

Even when you’re in your home, people can still very easily reach in though windows and steal things without you even noticing. Keeping your windows wide open leaves you at a much higher risk of theft, try to leave your windows only on the latch or slightly open, so you would notice if someone were to move it and there isn’t enough room to stick an arm through. Many windows are manufactured to only open a certain amount before a locking mechanism stops it, if your windows do not do this then you should perhaps consider replacing them to make them safer for the home.

Remember To Lock Windows & Doors When Popping Out

It may sound mad, but many people will leave their house unlocked or windows open when they feel as if they’re only going to be 5 minutes popping to the shop. This is an extremely bad idea as there are many opportunists out there who would take advantage of this. Electronics are so small now that they’re actually much easier to steal and conceal, so be sure to lock up all of your windows and doors before leaving the house.

Keep Your Home Locked When In The Garden

Most people who have a garden at home enjoy spending time in it; barbecues with friends, relaxing in the sunshine with a good book, doing some gardening… It’s great to spend the longs days and warm evenings of the summer outside, but leaving your windows and doors open in the house when you’re all in the garden means there’s nothing stopping criminals from entering your home. Even if you only plan on spending a short amount of time out there, consider the windows at the front of your house; could someone access the front-most rooms without being noticed from the back garden? Try to make sure you’re not leaving your home unprotected.

Stay In While The Pool Fills!

In the summer it’s quite common for family homes to fill up a pool in the garden, but filling up a pool can take hours, depending on the size, and many will leave it to fill and get on with things elsewhere. Even though you may have all other doors and windows locked, even leaving one window open for a hose can end in burglary. Never leave your home when filling up any pool (no matter how big or small).

Leave Keys With Neighbours Or Friends When Going Away

When going away on holiday you’re going to need someone to keep an eye on your home, especially if you have pets that need looking after. You’ll also need them to make sure all rubbish is collected and that all windows and doors remain secure. Try not to make it too obvious that you’re away on holiday, ask whoever you leave the key with to come into the home every now and then just to show anyone who could be watching that the house is being used. Never leave your key under anything outside, this is something criminals know to look for and is unnecessary if you’ve left a key with someone.

Of course all of your summer security needs can be met by ourselves through home automation and CCTV installations; even with the strictest adherence to general security tips, no one is immune from burglary. If you’re interested in higher level security for your home then do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


Posted by Lia Tappin
26th April 2015