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Top Things Burglars Take from Homes and How You Can Protect Them

Posted by Hermione Crone
5th October 2016

If an intruder breaks into your home, they’ll be looking for expensive valuables and wanting to escape as quickly as possible. Don’t make it easy for them to do so. Stay vigilant to the possibility of crime, integrate efficient security measures into your property, and hide possessions away so burglars can’t find what they’re looking for.

Targeted Items

Try and put yourself in the mind of a potential burglar. Consider how they would attempt a break-in and which valuables they’re most likely to target. Here are a few items to consider:

Spare Keys

Many of us leave spare keys concealed in the vicinity of our property in case we lose our main set. Burglars are well aware of this fact and will routinely check underneath doormats, stones and plant pots in case a key is left lying about. This a godsend for a thief who can now simply let himself in at will, perhaps now without setting the alarm off.


Burglars will often snatch spare keys or car keys.

Image credit: Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Smaller Items

When inside, intruders will look for valuables they can easily carry away with them. Jewellery, cash, ornaments and expensive clothing are likely targets so consider where to store them overnight.  Any portable electrical goods, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and games consoles, will also catch the eye for their resale value.

Car Keys

Criminals will target car keys so they can steal vehicles parked on the driveway, a possibility homeowners often neglect. Instead of leaving keys on a side table or kitchen worktop, hide them out of sight or in a locked compartment. Also be conscious of the ‘fishing’ techniques used to reach in and snatch keys through a letterbox.


Jewellery is another thing that burglars aim to take.

Image credit: Vanessa via Flickr

Outdoor Items

Burglars may not have to risk entering your property at all if possessions are left in clear view outside. Any expensive garden furniture, ornaments or toys will be taken without second thought. Likewise, tools or ladders can also be used to break into the home itself so keep these locked securely in the garage or garden shed.

Staying Secure

To maximise the safety of your property and possessions, a thorough security plan should be in place to both deter crime as well as impede burglaries. Remember to stay vigilant at all times, locking doors and windows securely when absent from the property. Also ensure that valuables are kept out of sight and away from windows – this also applies to items inside your vehicle.

A professional security company will be able to plan, supply and install various security equipment to enhance your safety all year round. They will fit CCTV cameras and burglar alarms onto your building exterior to put criminals off from even attempting a break-in.


Keep your windows securely locked and add CCTV to your home security.

Image credit: Husky via Flickr

Intruders are looking for an easy ride and don’t want to spend time scouring a property for expensive items, especially as they may wake sleeping occupants or set off an alarm. To disrupt their attempts even further, hide valuables whilst you’re sleeping or when the property is left vacant.

For more information on how to stay safe, homeowners should be aware of National Home Security Month taking place in October. Each week, various elements of home security are looked at in detail to raise awareness of how criminals may target your home.

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If you’re ready to make your home more secure with an alarm system, get in touch with us.

Posted by Hermione Crone
5th October 2016