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Why CCTV Still Beats DIY Home Security in 2015

Posted by Hermione Crone
30th October 2015

When it comes to home security, the benefits of installing a CCTV system are plentiful. Although taking your own security precautions is still a necessity, the presence of CCTV cameras on a property acts as a fantastic deterrent, as well as providing peace of mind for the homeowner.

If considering installing your own CCTV monitoring system, either for your home or business, here are a few ways it outdoes traditional DIY security measures.

Deterrent – As noted previously, the sheer presence of cameras on a property will instantly discourage potential burglars or vandals from criminal activity. They know their actions will be recorded on video and be used as evidence should a prosecution case arise.

Simplicity – Once the cameras are set up and operational, your commitment as the property owner is then minimal. Maintenance of your CCTV is something that will only need to happen once every few months, running costs are also inexpensive.

Prosecution – Even if they are covered up, recorded images will still pick up the intruders’ attire, body shape and mannerisms, as well as any possible facial blemishes or tattoos. These could be crucial recognition clues when trying to secure a case.

Fear Reduction – The psychological benefits of owning CCTV cameras are extremely rewarding. They allow you to relax more when not at the premises, safe in the knowledge that potential break-ins are very likely to be averted.

24 Hour Security – Cameras will be in operation all day and night, meaning your property is still being monitored whilst you sleep. Despite the cover of darkness, night vision lenses will produce clear videos and images to help identify intruders.

Professionalism – For business owners, the presence of CCTV adds a sense of professionalism to your premises as well as the added security benefits. In addition, the reduced risk of theft means potential clients and other businesses have more confidence in dealing with you and your business.

Insurance – Insurance companies will look favourably on a property with an efficient closed circuit television system installed, thus bringing down the overall cost of insurance premiums. Their presence can also prevent fraudulent claims against your name or company.

Smartphone Compatibility – New technologies mean that some CCTV systems can be linked up to your smartphone, tablet or laptop; providing on-the-go access remotely. Users will instantly be sent a notification if motion sensors detect movement, information which you can act on personally or send to the emergency services if need be.

Although there are many advantages of CCTV cameras over DIY security measures, this is not to say you can become complacent as the property owner. Ensure all doors and windows are locked at all times and install a burglar alarm for added security.

There are different types of CCTV cameras on the market, suited for all kinds of property and at various price points. Make sure you research into the cameras appropriate to your requirements, considering such aspects as the lens resolution and sensors.  

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Feature image credit: Michael Wyszomierski via Flickr.

Posted by Hermione Crone
30th October 2015