Year-Round Monitoring

Through an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), Big Brother All Security provides a 24/7 year-round monitoring service. Within seconds of an intruder being detected, an alert will automatically be created, enabling our team to check validity and contact the police immediately.

Fully Monitored System with keyholder and 24-hour Police response

If your alarm system is activated and a confirmed signal is received by the ARC (subject to the response level), the Police will be automatically notified and will respond. A confirmed signal means that the system must generate two independent alarm activations before the call can be passed on for a Police Response. The ARC controllers will contact the premises to verify the activation. If the private passcode for the premises cannot be confirmed within a set time, the Police response will be confirmed to continue. The ARC will also contact keyholders nominated by the client to advise of an alarm activation of any kind.

Keyholder Response only

Clients who do not require Police response but would like the added security of either themselves or their nominated keyholders being contacted following an alarm activation, can have the system more-or-less designed to meet their own requirements, subject to insurer’s approval if necessary.

CCTV Monitoring

Having your CCTV System monitored allows your site to be monitored off site at our Alarm Receiving Centre. Signals are received which allows the team to monitor the threat, issue audio warnings, track intruders and call for the police or uniformed response whenever necessary.

Viewing the area of activation our operators ascertain the most appropriate action plan to manage the activity at the site. Utilising the images presented by the CCTV system, remotely interacting with audio systems and escalating issues to Police or other authorities, ensures the most appropriate level of support. All alarm response plans are created to reflect each site’s unique circumstances and are developed to combat known issues, with the opportunity to develop further response plans to adapt to evolving business needs.

Sequence of events in a typical burglary with a monitored system:


Intruder enters site.


Passive Infrared (PIR) Detector is activated as intruder passes on the premises or site.


Detector triggers an alarm which is sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).


ARC reviews the alarm and assesses the situation to minimise false alarm


On a confirmed intrusion, the ARC calls for a response from the local Police force


Designated Keyholders are informed of the intrusion and the alert to the Police

Benefits of Monitoring

Peace of mind for property and business owners, particularly when the premises are vacant.
Reduce the chances of loss or damaged property by receiving a fast response to activated alarms.
Reduce insurance premiums especially for commercial properties.
Police and Fire Brigade call outs when required, giving further protection.
Helps meet insurance requirements, especially in commercial environments.

Our friendly reliable team

Our team have many years of experience and each member is security screened to BS7858. From a simple upgrade to a fully project-managed security system installation, Big Brother All Security Ltd will ensure a swift and hassle-free installation combined with full on-site training and familiarisation.

We know that our customers want someone who can respond quickly to their enquiries, so we have a dedicated support line where calls are answered promptly 24 hours a days, 365 days a year.

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