Can Thermal Security Solutions help fight the Covid-19 Outbreak?

12th May 2020

The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has presented a huge challenge to national resources and a race to adapt existing technologies and innovate and deploy newer ones has begun.

Drones equipped with thermal cameras were initially used in Wuhan, China, the original epicentre of the crisis, to monitor movement. Now, thermal imaging devices appear to be the way forward by measuring body temperature and flagging possible victims of the virus by using the consequent reading.


In light of the global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), which is now officially a pandemic, society is deeply concerned about the spread of infection and seeking tools to help slow and ultimately stop the spread of the virus.

Thermal cameras can be used as an aid to detect elevated skin temperature in high-traffic public places through quick individual screening.

Samsung took an unusual precaution when it held a splashy event in San Francisco during the early days of the coronavirus outbreak. The tech giant installed a ­sci-fi-inspired system to scan conference attendees for fevers.


Hundreds of people going to the event had to walk past a high-­resolution thermal camera that detected body temperatures with an accuracy of within one-half a degree Fahrenheit. A laptop running software interpreted the data and alerted a technician when anyone had an above-average temperature, a potential symptom of a COVID-19 infection, so the person could be pulled aside for additional screening.

It’s clear that the coronavirus epidemic has put a spotlight on thermal-imaging technology as a potentially important tool in combating pandemics and protecting the global economy.


Are you prepared?

Many businesses are now making preparations to reopen for the first time since the start of the coronavirus outbreak in March since the lockdown has been eased.

The Government have confirmed that throughout the coming summer months, many businesses across England will be able to open.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday released a statement and 50-page document which set out his plans to progressively reduce lockdown and what it would look like. Each stage being dependent on the success of the previous wave and with the added confirmation of the outbreak continuing to slow down.

It is likely that even after all forms of businesses are given the go-ahead to open there will be a range of restrictions and social distancing measures in place.

Thermal Security solutions have been designed to support those looking to prepare for when current restrictions are eased.


What are Thermal Security Solutions

Any object with temperatures above absolute zero emits a detectable amount of radiation. A thermal camera or device converts IR radiation into grayscale values and matches grayscale values to temperature values through an algorithm model.


The Application

Thermal Security Solutions with high temperature accuracy can help detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever. Thermal cameras can be used for the fever screening in hospitals, shops/supermarkets, airports, rail stations, factories and offices.



  • High Efficiency: It takes only one second for a thermal camera to detect temperature of a person, thus allows screening of large numbers of people at a time.
  • Safety: Thermal cameras feature non-contact temperature measurement from about one meter away, avoiding unnecessary physical contact.
  • Multi-person monitoring
  • Non-mask detection for the intelligent control


We can help

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Solutions Available

Handheld Wireless Mobile Camera - Temperature Screening Solution

  • Ideal for mobile use, moving quickly between different venues
  • Flexible and quick deployment
  • Cable free
  • Increased safety, measure individuals without physical contact


Face Mask Detection - Temperature Screening Solution

  • Ideal for checking when and where face masks are required


Touch Free Access Control - Temperature Screening Solution

  • Ideal for contactless doorway access
  • Thermographic camera built-in delivering efficient temperature measurement
  • Real-time skin-surface temperature display
  • Face mask detection


Entrance Metal Detector Door - Temperature Screening Solution

  • Ideal for main entrances where immediate testing is required for both metal detection and skin surface temperature together
  • On-board thermal camera providing accurate skin-surface temperature measurement
  • Includes a live display for real time skin-surface temperature
  • Light and audio alarm built-in
  • Fast deployment

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