Effects of Crime on SMEs

31st October 2017

The majority of businesses in the UK are classed as an SME; a small or medium sized enterprise in other words. It is these types of companies which are most vulnerable to criminal activity, something which the following infographic shows.

Some of the stats are quite astounding and certainly something business owners should take notice of. For example, it is estimated that the average business loses up to 151 trading days every year due to repeat offences. With this in mind, the need for efficient, sophisticated and effective security measures becomes increasingly important.

Not only is it your property and physical possessions at risk – there are mental repercussions as well. 69% of SME owners have become emotionally distressed as the victims of criminal behaviour, whilst 33% have a fear of being attacked again.

Perhaps the most worrying aspect is that three quarters of businesses do not have the relevant security to protect them from commercial crime. This could be anything from insurance fraud, to money laundering, to product counterfeiting.

The infographic also shows the challenge authorities face when tackling cyber-crime, a problem which is costing tens of billions of pounds per year. Even governments and multinational companies can be targeted by hackers, so it is no wonder many SMEs feel they are vulnerable too. Around 90% of smaller to mid-sized businesses believe a cyber-attack would be extremely detrimental to their operation.

Your business is vulnerable to crime from all angles, both internal and external, and requires sufficient protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. SMEs in particular are exposed to such acts as property damage, theft and online fraud. By utilising the expertise of a professional security firm, these effects of crime can be minimised and even eradicated, leaving your business to grow in confidence.

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